Date Author Title
April 1st Alex Bruno On The Development of Data Analytics Solutions in a Small Company: A Case Study
April 1st Marco Paranhos Stack Overflow, What are they talking about variability?
March 4th Iuri Santos Variability-aware Smells
March 4th Tassio Vale Investigate and improve the state-of-the-art on IR-based SPL traceability recovery
March 4th Larissa Rocha Investigating feature interactions in Software Product Line Engineering
March 4th Alcemir Santos Investigating Feature-Oriented Software Comprehension
April 1st Dhennya Campos Strategies for testing software product lines: Has the situation changed since 2014?
April 1st Anna Luiza Creating Domain Specific Languages through Software Product Lines and its Empirical Evaluation
April 1st Karla Amorim An empirical investigation on the application of Lehman’s Laws of Software Evolution within open source SPL projects
April 1st Daniel Amador Observing problems and difficulties in an SPL experiment replication: a proposal