Talk: The role of (dynamic) software variability in modern adaptive systems

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Abstract: Today, many modern systems require some kind of adaptation where systems must adapt their behavior to varying context conditions, often at runtime. Because the variety of pervasive, autonomous, self-*, ubiquitous demand different kinds of smart adaptation and reconfiguration capabilities,
emerging techniques like runtime variability and dynamic software product lines are becoming of major interest. In this talk I will describe the role of context-variability and dynamic variability techniques under the context of Software Product Line approaches and the importance for handling multiple and dynamic binding times in support of different system’s operational modes.

Bio: Prof. Rafael Capilla

Rafael Capilla is Associate Professor in Computer Science at Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (Spain) where he leads the Software Architecture & Internet Technologies Research Group. Rafael is a researcher of applied software engineering with focus on Software Architecture, Architectural Knowledge Management, Software Product Line Engineering and Variability Management among others. In the past 5 years, the role of architectural design decisions and Dynamic Software Product Lines focus for adaptive and autonomous systems focus his attention. His recent book “Systems and Software Variability Management” (Springer, 2013) reflects part of his work.

Rafael serves as PC member in many international conferences, regular reviewer of journals (TOSEM, JSS, TSE, Computer, Software, IST), guest co-editor of journals (RE, JSME, SOFTWARE), coorganizer of Workshops (WICSA, ECSA), and general chair of the 14th Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering (CSMR 2010, Madrid). Rafael belongs to the IEEE Software editorial board and currently he leads the IEEE Computer Science Spanish Chapter.