3rd Workshop for Reuse Introduction in the Software Development Companies (WIRE)

2nd RiSS on Software Product Lines and 1st Workshop on Software Reuse Efforts

┬áRiSS 2008 was the second edition of the new international summer school created by the Reuse in Software Engineering (RiSE) to discuss the state-of-the-art and practice related to software reuse and its related issues. Software reuse is a key factor for companies interested in improving their productivity, time-to-market, quality and reducing costs. In addition, the field is becoming mature – the 10th International Conference on Software Reuse (ICSR) happened this year in China and the 12th International Conference on Software Product Lines (SPLC) will be held this year in Ireland – and the results can be seen in the practical world which companies are more and more introducing reuse in their research-development-innovation agendas.